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About Brookline Furniture

We began Brookline over 35 years ago as a hospitality manufacturer. We have proudly produced custom furniture for some of the best hoteliers in the world. In 2020, however, when the global pandemic struck the world, we expanded our capabilities into residential furniture, in addition to hospitality, to help with the growing demand. We pride ourselves not only on our designs and quality but we also believe that service is critical and we work hard to always exceed your expectations. We view each piece of furniture that we make as a personal creation and we are proud of our ability to deliver these exceptional works of craftsmanship, made in North Carolina, by people who care.

Custom Capabilities

More than half of the furniture we make is custom. That means that we make many style variations, with loads of options and hundreds of fabric choices. Custom is a huge part of our business, so our product development capabilities are extensive and we show that to you in the breadth of our collection.

Our Reputation matters

Over the last quarter century, Brookline has built its reputation based on beautiful products and a passion for manufacturing a quality furniture. This passion for excellence is what has made us who we are…. a leading manufacturer and preferred partner to hotels and retailers around the globe. We stand by our reputation every day… and we hope we get to show you what that means.